Social work and community services are a support service to the British Forces Cyprus (BFC) community. We provide advice and guidance to individuals and families on a variety of issues such as emotional health and wellbeing, parenting, family or relationship issues, financial difficulties or victims of crime.

SSAFA have been delivering this service for a number of years and from 1 July 2020 this responsibility will be transferred to  Polaris Children’s Services, an independent provider of children’s services across the UK and the British military around the world. From 1st July, the service will now be known as British Forces Social Work Service & Community Support Cyprus. We will continue to work in partnership with stakeholders to deliver high quality services to serving personnel, both individuals and families.


“To make a positive and lasting difference to children, families and adults, in the military communities we serve. We will achieve this through the delivery of a responsive, safe and high quality Social Work Service working together with people who use our Services as well as partner agencies.  This is based on our belief that Service Personnel and their families should have access to the same standards of care and support they would receive if they were based in the UK.”

This is supported by our five key objectives:

  • A whole-system approach

  • exemplary and effective evidence-based practice

  • promotion of good emotional health and wellbeing, and building resilience

  • promoting achievement, attainment and active citizenship for our children and young people

  • supporting a ‘Firm Base’ for the military community




Prevention & Safeguarding Services for Children & Adults

Early Help.png

Early Help Offer

Care Leavers Support


Parenting Programmes


Adoption Advice & Signposting


Foster Carer Registration, Training & Support

Family Support.png

Personnel & Family Support Service


Confidential & Advisory Listening Service


Domestic Abuse Intervention Programme


Substance Misuse Intervention & Support


Behaviour Management Programmes for Children & Adults

Volunteer Service.png

Volunteer Service

Advice 2.png

Information, Advice & Consultation


Support to Command Personnel

Training, Learning & Support Services – Relationship Issues, Debt Management, Loss & Bereavement


Safeguarding Training for partners and stakeholders


Childminding Registration Support & Training

Victim Support.png

Victim Support & Witness Services



If you suspect or believe a child or adult is suffering or is likely to suffer Significant Harm, including any form of mistreatment or abuse, or if you are concerned about your own behaviour and need advice or support, you should contact us (numbers above) or the emergency services on 112.




If you are concerned about the safety or welfare of a child, young person, or adult, or would like some support, advice or guidance in relation to social care issues, please contact BFSWS and Community Service Cyprus for the relevant area


Akrotiri Social Work, The Oval,

RAF Akrotiri, BFPO 57

Phone: 2527 5838

Office hours:

Monday to Friday



Episkopi Social Work, Block E, Episkopi, BFPO 53

Phone: 2596 3609

Office hours:

Monday to Friday



ESBA Social Work, MRS Centre, Dhekelia, BFPO 58

Phone: 2474 4453

Office hours:

Monday to Friday



Any other enquiries please contact us at contactuscyprus@forcessocialwork.com


What is 'Content ID' and 'Rights Manager'?

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What is Identifyy?

Identifyy is a platform that utilises “digital fingerprint” technology to track, manage and administer copyrighted material on behalf of content creators and copyright holders. Identifyy is part of HAAWK (created by the same founder of “AdRev”) and it is a YouTube/Facebook/Instagram fully verified and certified partner.

Why did I get the message 'includes copyrighted content'?

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